Kakkayam – a place of obsessing greenery

Kakkayam – a place of obsessing greenery

Kakkayam Dam


Kakkayam Dam, is a place with the real spirit of nature’s wild beauty. Water’s purity and greenery of trees give the place a real holy look. Vast area covered with water offers a virtual feast for nature lovers. Its banks are shielded with green trees and shrubs. Green tall mountains guard its water and greenery.

The way leading to the place too creates the natural ambience for enjoying the beauty. Wild trees and mountain ranges with white water marks from wide ranges generate a permanent mark of beauty in the minds of green lovers. It feels like travelling through the lap of the nature.

Kakkayam reservoir situates about 45 to 50kmtrs from the hurry Calicut town of Kerala state. It is part of Kuttiyadi Hydro Electric Project & is located at a height of about 2450 ft above sea level. Water coming out of the project joins a river and is consumed for Peruvannamoozhi Irrigation Project. It is also place of natural importance with it’s external charm.

One has to pay an entry pass of 10 or 20 rupees. It is an apt place for those who love trekking. One can really cherish the warmth of nature’s allure by walking through those hilly areas. You will also be blessed to witness many varieties of flora and fauna.

Other highlights of the area

Enjoy and spent your time meaningfully by utiliisng your time to the fullest by visiting these nearby places too. Kakkayam valley, Kariyathan rock (Kariyathan Mala) and Urukkuzhi Waterfalls are other nearby hot destinations. Steady water and greenery is the main focus of the place. In fact one can get addicted to green glamour by visiting the valley and Kariyathan rock. Boating facility is available here.

The places rich look has offered her many chances to appear in films too. Today many people from in and around the place gather there for pre and post wedding videography function. The spot is a beloved place for album makers too.

How to reach there?

One can reach the place at the earliest through Calicut- Balusseri route, Thalayad- Perambra route and from Kurachundu- Kallunode road. The dam sight and the waterfall are 14 kms away from the Kakkayam market. Karipur International Airport is the nearest aviation spot and Kozhikode Railway station offers to catch the place through rail.



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