Mysore Dasara- Mysuru Dasara 2018 : A royal festival

Mysore Dasara- Mysuru Dasara 2018 : A royal festival


The festival Dusshera represents the victory of good on evil and it is considered to be the most auspicious grand festivals in India. The Dasara celebrated at Karnataka is a special one altogether. The Dasara is celebrated only for one day in the cities in India except the city of Mysore in Karnataka. In Mysore the celebration lasts for 10 days. It is a 10 day celebration of happiness on a very grand note and takes palce over the whole of the Navaratri festival. Dasara is a celebration of 10 days which ends on Vijayadashami i.e. on the 10th day. The festival honours the Goddess Chamundeswari(another name of Goddess Durga) of chamundi hill, who killed the powerful demon Mahishasur.

The celebration was started by the king of the prestigious Vijayanagar Kingdom and continued by the Wodeyar rulers of Mysore and has been turned into a royal festival.

There will be a procession in a grand royal cum traditional way. The procession is famously called as jamboo savaari involves parades of elephants which is decorated in a beautiful way and carries the idol of goddess Chamundeswari on one of them. There will be beautifully decorated camels and horses walking along with the elephants in the procession as well. The procession will be accompanied with dance groups, music bands, folklores, armed forces and royal identities. The parade and Panjina Kavayithu is its traditional name which takes place on the last day of Mysore dasara. The troch light parade begins from the royal Mysore palace and ends in Bannimantap.

There will be an exhibition at the ground right in the opposite of the Mysore palace which stands as a major attraction of the festival. Outdoor games and amusement rides enhance the festival and keeps fun filled especially among children.

The festival is an idol which exhibits the royal heritage of the city on very grand scale.

Also, the magnificent golden throne is taken out and showcased in the durbar hall, so that it may visible to public. This happens only at the time of the prestigious dasara festival.

The royal celebration of Karnataka keeps people excited and enthusiastic. The illuminated light which dazzles the whole palace captivates the attention of public. The festival depicts the vibrant culture and elegant tradition of Karnataka.



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