The white water beauty of Goa

The white water beauty of Goa

Dudhsagar waterfalls, the deep and powerful cascading water flowing through steep green mountain offers a different version of nature’s tempting beauty. The flowing white water in between the mountain ranges appeal like the white long curly hair stretching from the head of a beast characterized in fairy tales. Dudhsagar waterfalls flowing from 1017 ft height offers a real enthralling feast for nature lovers. This water beauty is in Goa, the place having many charming beaches.

Dudhsagar means ‘sea of milk’; many believe that the white spray & foam the waterfall creates had attributed this name to it. All through the year they are a pleasing sight. But it’s allure reaches at its peak during the monsoon season.

Dudhsagar waterfalls situating at Sanguem Taluka of Goa is centered on a lovely royal myth. A princess living beside her father’s castle used to take bath in it daily. The cute modest princess believed in purity of heart, mind and body. Everyday, after bath the princess and her maidens would gather on the banks of the lake while the princess consumed a jug of milk.

One day, when the princess was drinking her milk, a prince happened to hear the conversation of the princess and her friends.  He stopped to have a glance at them. But the princess was ashamed of her bathing suit. So her maidens poured the milk in a cascade infront of her. It acted as a curtain behind which the princess changed her cloths. Finally the milk poured like powerful water preserved the modesty of the princess. It became the reason behind the name for Dudhsagar waterfalls.

How to reach there?

One could either choose rail or foot to reach India’s tallest waterfall located in Mandovi River. A rough track suitable for four wheelers is available there. Even then tourists has to trek 1 Km to reach the base of the fall. Jeep services are also available there.

So, hurry to experience this monsoon with goa tourism in the misty shower this white beauty.


Neethu Merin

Indiain News Service


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