Vishu 2018, harvest festival of Kerala on April 15 (Sunday)

Vishu 2018, harvest festival of Kerala on April 15 (Sunday)

Vishu 2018 on  April 15 (Sunday)

Vishu, also known as the harvest festival of Kerala, in India will be held on the 15th April 2018.

About Vishu
Vishu is one of the important festivals of Kerala. Vishu falls in the 1st day of “Medam” ,a Malayalam month, usually in the mid of April. Vishu kodi, Vishu kani and Vishu sadhya are the major attractions of this harvest  festival.  The main ritual of this festival is preparing  the Kani, an auspicious sight arranging in a a large dish made of bell-metal, in regional language known as Uruli. The uruli fills with rice, grantha (old palm leaf manuscript), gold ornament, new cloth called Kodi, golden shower tree flowers or Konna poo, coins, a split coconut, vegetables, betal leaves etc.  There will be a Nilavilakku, a burning lamp put beside the Uruli. Kanikanal  is the main ritual of this auspicious morning. That means seeing the goodness and prosperity in the beginning of new harvest year.  Most of the main temples like Guruvayoor Sri Krishna temple, Sabarimala temple  and Kulathupuzha Sree BaalaShastha Temple arrange vishu kani in their premises.  Devotees from various places will come in the previous day in the temple for seeing the Kani Kazcha held in the Vishu day morning.

Vishu kaineettam or Giving of handsel  is an integral part of this festival of prosperity. Elders in the family give Kaineettam to younger members. Vishukaineettam is a sign of prosperity and love.

Vishu sadhya or Vishu feast,  a grand feast prepared with traditional south indian curries, serve in the plaintain leaf  in the noon.  Vishu Kanji, Thoran and Vishu katta  are some kinds of special dishes prepared in the Vishu day. Kalan, olan, puli inchi, pachadi, avail, upperi, sarkkara varatti, manga achar, ishtu, eriseri, koottukari, pappadam, Sambar, Rasam, Moru and payasam are the main dishes prepared in the Vishu sadhya. Most of the clubs and residential organizations organize different kinds of cultural programmes and competitions.


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