Sabarimala Sastha Temple, Pampa- Vazhipadu rates (Offering Rates)

Sabarimala Sastha Temple, Pampa- Vazhipadu rates (Offering Rates)

Sabarimala Sree Dharma Sastha Temple, dedicated to Lord Ayyappa, is situated at Pathanamthitta district of Kerala, South India. The main pilgrimage season of this temple is Mandalam season, begins on 1st Vrischikam (Malayalam Month) usually comes in the middle of November month. The temple premises is known as “Sannidhanam”. Lakhs of pilgrims visit Sabarimala during the Mandala Season. Here lord Ayyappa is in Brahmachari Bhava. That’s why women in the agegroup between 10 to 50 will not permitted to enter the temple. Vavar swami temple and Pampa Ganapathi temple are the other important must visited temples in Sabarimala pilgrimage.

Sabarimala Sreedharma Sastha Temple- Vazhipadu rates (Offering Rates)  

Usha Pooja- Rs.1000.00

Ucha Pooja – Rs.2500.00

Nithya Pooja – Rs.3000.00

Aravana – Rs.80.00

Appom – Rs.40.00

Ganapathihomam – Rs.300.00

Bhagavathiseva – Rs.2000.00

Pushpabhishekom – Rs.10000.00

Kalabhabhishekom – Rs.10000.00

Ashtabhishekom – Rs.5000.00

Laksharchana- Rs.10000.00
Article should be produced by the pilgrim

Sahasra Kalasam – Rs.50000.00
Article should be produced by the pilgrim

Padi Pooja – Rs.75000.00

Udayasthamana Pooja – Rs.40000.00

Ulsavabali – Rs.30000.00
Article should be produced by the pilgrim

Muzhukkappu – Rs.750.00

Sahasra Namarchana – Rs.50.00

Ashtothararchana – Rs.30.00

Thulabharam – Rs.500.00

Neyyabhishekom(single Mudra) – Rs.10.00

Vibhoothi Prasadam – Rs.25.00

Vella Nivedyam (200ml)- Rs.20.00

Sarkkara Payasam (200 ml) – Rs.20.00

Panchamritham (100 ml) – Rs.100.00

Panchamritham (500ml)Abhishekom  – Rs.100.00

Abhishekam Neyy (100 ml) – Rs.100.00

Swayamvararchana – Rs.50.00

Navagraha Pooja – Rs.250.00

Otta Graha Pooja – Rs.50.00

Valsan Nivedyam – Rs.50.00

Gold ornaments Pooja – Rs.100.00

Ayyappa Chakram – Rs.200.00

Mala/Vadi Pooja – Rs.20.00

Nelppara- Rs.200.00

Maljalppara- Rs.300.00

Navagraha Neyy Vilakku- Rs.100.00

Vidyarambham – Rs.101.00

Manjal Kumkum sale – Rs.40.00

Malar Nivedyam- Rs.20.00

Adima – Rs.250.00

Thanka Anki Charth – Rs.10000.00

Silver Anki Charth- Rs.5000.00

Choroonu – Rs.250.00

Namakaranam- Rs.100.00

Poojicha Mani (Big) – Rs.100.00

Poojicha Mani (Small) – Rs.50.00

Neeranjanam – Rs.100.00

Udayada Charth – Rs.25.00

Udayada Nadakku vayppu- Rs.25.00

Manjal Kumkumabhishekom – Rs.40.00

Nagar Pooja – Rs.50.00

Vara Nivedyam- Rs.20.00

Sathrupushpanjali- Rs.500.00

Hariharasookthaslokarchana – Rs.500.00

Sathrusookthanjali – Rs.500.00

Neyy vilakku – Rs.25.00

Pushapalamkaram – Rs.50000.00

Pampa- Vazhipadu Rates(Offering Rates)

Ganapathi Homam- Rs.300

Charadujapam- Rs.15.00

Aval Nivedyam – Rs.50.00

Vadamala- Rs.200.00

Modakam- Rs.50.00

Archana- Rs.25.00

Kettunira- Rs.250.00


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