Pushkar Fair 2018

Pushkar Fair 2018


The Pushkar fair has been recognized by various names like the Pushkar Camel Fir or locally called as the Kartik Mela or Pushkar Mela. It is an annual multi- day livestock fair and cultural gala which will be held in the town of Pushkar (Rajasthan, India). The Pushkar fair attracts and there will be around 200,000 visitors. The Pushkar mela is the largest camel, horse and cattle fairs in India.

The season is an important pilgrimage time for the Hindu believers to the Pushkar Lake besides from the trading of livestock. The fair has become a major significant visiting place for domestic and international travelers. As the fair commemorates in the cooler season and also in the opulence of colorful cultural themes. The fair will be hosting various cultural extravaganza and competitions such as dances, tug of war between women teams and also among men teams, the well-known “matka phod” , “bridal competition”, camel races and lot more.

The fair takes place in the place called Pushkar lake and the place will be crowded by the enthusiastic people who came to experience the fair. There will be trade on livestock which includes camels, horses, cows, sheeps and goats by men. Also there will be shops on handcraft stalls that showcase and sale the braclets, clothes, textiles and fabric by the rural families. The fair will be start off with the camel race accompanied with music, songs and exhibitions to follow.

There will be a test of how the camel is capable to bring the items is the most awaited factor of the fair between these events. The men go upon the group of camel as one by one in order show the same.

The Pushkar fair is the colorful and vibrant display of distinct exhibitions, thrilling competitions and fascinating events which will extend for seven days. The festival also holds a religious significance apart from its celebratory aspect. The fair serves an honorable part in the Rajasthan tourism. The Pushkar Lake is so special and sacred. It is believed that the holy bath in the lake will wash away the sins and pay their respects at brahma mandir, the only one of its kinds India and the water also possess healing properties.

Pushkar fair is one of the most famous and oldest fairs in India where the visitors can witness myriads of the color of the vibrant and ideal Indian culture.


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