Meghamalai- Cool & Misty locales you will Fall in Love with!!!

Meghamalai- Cool & Misty locales you will Fall in Love with!!!


Meghamalai is a mountain of cool and misty situated in the Western Ghats at Tamilnadu, popularly called the High Wavy Mountains.

Meghamalai is located 1500 meters above sea level and is dotted with the tea estates and cardamom plantations. The place is a perfect escape region for honeymooners. The place comprises of the tea, home to cloudlands highways, Venniar and Manalar estates. It still includes large untouched remnants of evergreen forest. The place will offer a tremendous journey in the cool locales of Meghamalai.

The highly diverse system of flora and fauna exists in the ecosystem of Meghamalai. Various animals are often witnessed includes the spotted deer, wild gaur, lion rtailed macaque, sloth bear, smooth-coated otter, wild bear, grey jungle fowl and the flying squirrel. The place is also the home for around 100 species of birds like red whiskered bulbul, common iora, white- browed wagtail, swallow, spotted dove, pied bush chat, Asian paradise flycatcher, brahminy kite and long tailed shrike. The great Indian Hornbills are seen here which are rare to found. The Salim Ali’s fruitbat, one of the rarest fruit bat of the world is only found in this mountain range.

The cool breeze of misty mountains and scenic view will surely bring out the exploring person in you. The journey with breath taking views at every corner and what else a journey could offer, the journey will be the one that you will fall in Love with!

Meghamalai is a remote tea plantation getaway at Tamilnadu on the side of Periyar reserve. The locale is surrounded by Meghamalai wildlife sanctuary and Periyar wildlife sanctuary which is also features excellent trekking, bird watching or off-beat stay. The tea estate in Meghamalai is spread over across 600 acres of  tea plantationand is home to one of the exclusive tea estate area having a few tea plantation bungalows around it and an artificial lake and plenty of scope for making leisurely walks, treks and bird watching around it. There will be leeches on sides of the roads.

The Meghamalai fall’s birth place is the Meghamalai range. The fall descents from stream which is originating from hills. The fall serves as the rendezvous of many wild animals and is called the clouds land falls. The other major attraction for tourists is the originating place of Surili Theertham.

The Meghamalai wildlife sanctuary was established by the forest department of Tamilnadu in an area of 600 of the forest in division. The sanctuary helps to strengthen the conservation efforts in the tea estates and dams and also serves as an excellent buffer to the Periyar Tiger Reserve.

Highwavys is a viewpoint that facilitates a mesmerizing view of the entire mountain range of Varusanadu hills. Six dams on the hill and the originating place of Surili Theertham are the other major attractions of the high wavy mountain.

The other must visit place is Vellimalai- the heart of Meghamalai which covers an area of 1650 meter which is called the Silver Mountain. The region is the originating place of Vaigai River and the silver lined clouds seem to rest gently on green hill tops. The place has managed the tea gardens both scientifically and aesthetically and gives the opportunity to see wild animals and is near to Periyar tiger reserve.

Meghamalai is a place which will attract you towards it. The location is arguably the most beautiful hill station in South India.


Finny Raphael
Indiayathra News Service



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