KONARK –Dedicated to God Surya

KONARK –Dedicated to God Surya

The name Konark has been derived from the integration of two Sanskrit words, Kona which means corner and Arka which means sun. The Konark temple is situated in the north east corner of Puri or Chakrakshetra which located on the Bay of Bengal shores in Konark, a small town in Puri district at Odisha.  Because of its dark color and is used as the navigational landmark by ancient sailors to Odisha the temple is also called the ‘BLACK PAGODA’. The ancient temple tells the tale of India’s richness in heritage, scientific architectural marvel and extreme devotion. The temple was built by King Narasimha Deva of the eastern Ganga dynasty in the 13th century and is dedicated to Sun God Surya. The temple has been placed in the list of UNESCO World Heritage list. Ancient India was much ahead when compared to today’s scientific and architectural development. The perfect and complete structure of the Konark Sun temple proves it with the flow less proportion and impressive dimension. The whole temple is in the form of the chariot of Surya which is drawn by seven horses.

The twelve pairs of wheels placed at the base of the temple is the major attraction of the temple. The wheels has a magic they are not just wheels but it tell the time as well, there is a sun dial which has been created by the spokes. The shadow cast by these spokes helps to calculate the precise time of the day. It is amazing, isn’t it? The wheels are also adorned with elegance. The presence of iron plate in between two stores is another unique factor of the temple. The peak of the main temple was constructed using 52 ton magnet. This magnet has caused harsh conditions to the entire structure especially because of the sea. The main idol of the temple was float in the air due to the same magnet along with other. The first rays of the rising sun falls directly on the main entry as the temple was oriented on the shore.

The temple shows the path to teach morality. There were two lions which have been placed on both sides of the entrance. Each lion is shown crushing an elephant, where each elephant lies on the human body. Lion and elephant are the representation of pride and money respectively. There is also an indication of how these two can actually crush a human.


The main and major fact is the marvelous architectural features like it is fully covered with exceptional sculptures which includes deities, scenes of life at court, dancers etc. It shows the love to adorn the buildings with sculptures and carvings of the ancient people. There is lot of exemplary facts which makes the Konark Sun temple stands unique. It includes:

  • An Architectural Wonder
  • Artistic Magnificence and Engineering Expertise
  • Orientation on the Shore
  • Huge lions on either side of the entrance teach Morality
  • The temple is dedicated to Lord Surya
  • It is also known as “Black Pagoda”
  • Construction based on Chariot
  • The Wheels at the Sun Temple play as the role of “Sun Dials” and is the inspiration for the modern day watch technologies.
  • The Science behind the Construction
  • Konark Sun Temple is the only UNESCO’s World Heritage Site in Odisha.




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