Kodaikanal- The Mesmerizing water beauty

Kodaikanal- The Mesmerizing water beauty

We have heard about lovers spending their time near stagnant crystal clear water located amongst green wood trees. You can witness it in real by visiting Kodaikanal. The man made beauty, located in the state of Tamil Nadu is the favourite hot spot of honeymooners. Kodaikanal, locating just 500 meters from Kodai bus stand offers a smooth atmosphere to relax. The cold breeze from the lake has the power to absorb your troubles and to strengthen the relationship.

The star shaped lake spread amidst the green shrouded woods appear like a diamond stone fallen from God’s crown. The lake stretches across 60 acres with a circumference of 6Km. The surroundings of the lake are beautifully arranged with promenade and a bicycle path. The catchment area of the lake is embroidered with a rare and special flowering plant Kurinji. Kurinji is popular for making the Neelgiri hills blue, blooms only once in every 12 years.

Boat ride is the main highlight of the place. The lake allows tourists to enjoy boat riding by paying a fixed amount. Children can ride bicycle around the lake. They can make a relaxing walk surrounding it or can soothe your feelings by just sitting on the edge of the lake enjoying the panoramic view. Horse riding is the other option.

The Koidaikanal Lake was created by Sri Vere Hentry Levinge, the Collector of Madurai. He renovated the lake by transforming the marshy lake side to a stunning lake. He strengthened it’s banks and brought boat from Tuticorin. The lake received more life with the stock of several species of local fish.

Just 5 Kilometers away situates the green wild beauty, Suicide point, also known as the Green Valley. A scenic view of plains, deep valleys and hills are possible from there. A glimpse of the Vaigai Dam is another mind-blowing view. As a whole, Koidaikanal is an apt location to enjoy the charming nature.

Neethu Merin

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