2018 Onam Festival in Kerala, India

2018 Onam Festival in Kerala, India

This Year Thiruvonam is on 25th August, 2018.

First Onam (Uthradam) – 24th August, 2018

Third Onam (Avittam) – 26th August, 2018

Fourth Onam (Chathayam) – 27th August, 2018

Onam, the harvest festival of Kerala, to commemorate the visit of King Mahabali to Kerala  is here. “ Gods own country” is all set to welcome this fascinating festive days. During the Onam season, Government opens Special Onam fairs all over Kerala. People can purchase all goods at very lowest prices from this Onam fairs.

Floral decoration at courtyard is an important part of this 10 days festival. Former days children of the family collect traditional flowers from courtyards and surrounding areas and make floral decorations. Thumba, Mukkutti, Nandyarvattam, Thulasi, Kakkapoo, Chethi, Shankhu pushpam and Chembarathi are some of the traditional flowers to make floral decoration. But now a days, most of the flowers comes from the villages of  Tamilnadu and Karnataka. Making  “Thrikkakarayappan” is another important ritual. It is the symbol of Lord. Vishnu in the form of Vamana.  Thrikkakara temple at Thrikkakara, Kochi is a renowned temple dedicated to Vamana. The onam celebrations here are also famous.

Athachamayam at Thrippunithura , a cultural gala marks the beginning of Onam  is an integral part of this mesmerizing celebration. Pulikkali conducted at the day of fourth onam in Thrissur district attracts thousands of people every year. It is also a part of celebrations conducted by the Tourism department of Kerala.  Pot-bellied men dressed up as tigers and and perform tiger dance according to the rhythm of Drums. People from all over Kerala gather here to enjoy this cultural fiesta. Kummattikali is a traditional art form performs during the Onam season. A special type of grass called “ Parppadaka pullu” is used to decorate Kummatti. Kummatti visits every home and performs the traditional art “ Kummatti kali”. One can experience the charm of Kummatti kali in Thrissur town and its surrounding areas at the time of Onam. Also Department of Tourism will conduct “Onam Ghoshayathra” and Onam celebrations with fabulous cultural extravaganza at Thirivananthapuram, the Capital  city of Kerala.



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