Vishu Malayalam Greeting Cards 2021

Vishu Malayalam Greeting Cards 2021

Vishu Malayalam Greeting Cards 2021

Vishu Malayalam Greeting Cards 2021Vishu Malayalam Greeting Cards 2021

Vishu is an important festival celebrated in Kerala. Vishu literally means “equal” and is the new year festival of the state. It falls during the middle of April, that is the first day of Medam- The Malayalam month. Vishukaineettam, Vishukani and  Vishu sadhya are the important customs  of Vishu day. Konnapoovu plays an important role in vishu celebration. Konna or golden shower flowers  are considered as the aranjanam (a girdle like ornament tie around the waist of infants) of Lord Balakrishna.

Seeing the auspicious sight called Vishukani is an important ritual. Preparation of Vishukani on the previous day of Vishu is a verymuch important occasion for every family. Vishukani includes Kodimundu, Konnapoovu, betel leaves, arecanut, mirror (Vaalkannadi), golden yellow Konna flowers (Cassia fistula), the statue of Lord Krishna, Coins, Gold ornament, Unakkallari, Vegetables, Fruits, Coconut etc. Seeing this auspicious sight at the begining of Vishu day is called vishukani. Belief is that, the goodness, auspiciousness and prosperity of Vishukani will last for the whole year. Guruvayoor Sri Krishna temple, Sabarimala temple and Kulathupuzha Sree BaalaShastha Temple are famous for Kanikazcha.Temples allover Kerala will prepare Vishukani for devotees.

Vishukaineettam is another important ritual of Vishu celebration.The elders of the family giving money to younger ones or dependents of the family is called Vishukaineettam. This is also believed a symbol of prosperity. Sadhya or feast is an essential part of Every Kerala festival. Vishu sadhya includes the mouthwatering traditional dishes like Olan, Kalan, Erissery, Koottukari, Puli Inji,pacchadi, Naranga curry, Ishtu,upperi, Kaya varuthathi, Sharkkara varatti, Sambar, rasam, Moru, Pappadam and payasam.

The tradition of waring new cloths(Vishukodi) is another part of this unique festival. Children celebrate the festival by burning crackers, Poothiri, Lathiri, Meshapoo, Thalachakram etc. Like the other festivals Vishu is also an occasion of togetherness and happiness.

Let’s Celebrate Vishu with great enthusiasm. Wishing you a happy and prosperous Vishu 2020



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