Rann utsav 2018

Rann utsav 2018

Raan Utsav will be held from 1st Nov 2018 – 20th Feb 2019

The rann utsav is the commemoration of the most beautiful and vibrant culture of Gujarat on the vast white desert which is also called as the white rann of Kutch located in Gujarat. The festival showcases the local lifestyle, tradition, the beauty of their culture etc.

The utsav occurs mainly in the month of November and ends in the mid of February each year. The white rann of Kutch is adorned with the colors of tradition, folk dance and music, tents for accommodation to stay, the handcraft stall for local artisans which gave them a fantastic platform to showcase their products which is produced by them.

Rann of Kutch is the world’s perfect salt desert whose diversity terrains can shock anyone because the whole area remains covered with water and the water evaporates leaving behind the layers of salt during the winter season.

The dramatic landscapes of  Kutch rise to glory when the great Rann utsav takes place during winters. The tent city is an extra factor of the festival. It is a temporary city which is especially built to capture the ethnicity of rural Kutch while it is a festival which endures memorable experience to celebrate. The tents are arranged in C-shaped clusters and the additional spaces include two separate dining halls, also a reception for welcoming guest, conference hall, a club house for indoor sports, cafe and rejuvenation centre for recreation.

There will be also displayed the Kutch craft and art like embroidery, rogan art and the mirror work fabrics. Ther will be adventure cum entertaining stunts like hot air balloon ride, ATV ride, para motoring and rifle shooting.

Kutch is famously known for its mud architecture, a wide array of craft traditions and exquisite apparel designs. In which each community of the region possess different distinct traditions, dance, craft and also the costumes.


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