Ooty and it’s Beauty- Ooty flower show 2018

Ooty and it’s Beauty- Ooty flower show 2018

Ooty Botanical Garden
Ooty Botanical Garden

The three-day annual flower show at the Government Botanical Garden, will  be held between May 18 and 20 this summer.
16th ‘Rose Show’ will be  on May 12 and 13 at the Government Rose Garden and the 10th ‘Vegetable Show’ begins at  ‘Nehru Park’ in Kotagiri on May 5 and 6.

Summer season is meant not for sitting at home in Ac rooms. Come out of your rooms and get immersed in the beauty Ooty offers. 121 years old summer festival, organized by the Government of Tamil Nadu beacons tourists from different parts of the world. It awaits tourists with fairs, carnivals, flower shows, vegetable, and spice show and several cultural activities.

Flower Show

The three day long flower displays more than 15 varieties of flowers from different countries. These flowers differing in colour, smell and size has magnetic power to enchant the visitors. Watching these flowers swaying in tune with the breeze is an eye treat.

This year the flower show commences from 19th May at Ooty Botanical garden.

Vegetable show

The vast landscape of Sim’s Park, spread over 30 acres in the second largest public garden in Nilgiris,

adjacent to the government botanical garden in Ooty, is the place where the exhibition occurs. This year the vegetable show was on May 6 and 7.

Rose Show

The fragrance queen in flowers, Rose exhibition is a must watch show. The smiling different diversities of rose flowers have the power to capture people’s mind. This year’s rose show was on May 13 and 14.

Fruit show

Fruits, a tasty gift from nature always have a prominence in the mind of the people. Different fruit species differing in taste and size is a rare sight. May 27 and 28 will witness this year’s fruit show.

Apart from these summer festivals, Ooty is the best choice for bird watching. Grasp a chance to witness the chirping of the birds. Be one with the nature to explore the living varieties in nature. There are guides with years of experience in bird watching to introduce you to rare birds.

Trekking is another best option. Walking through the green valley of Nilgiri is a blessed experience. Breathing nature receiving the grace from her is a rare chance. There are tribal guide you through the heart of the nature.


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