Kuttalam or Courtallam waterfalls- where tranquility flows

Kuttalam or Courtallam waterfalls- where tranquility flows

Kuttalam or Courtallam waterfalls
Kuttalam or Courtallam waterfalls


A journey to the tranquility of nature? Here is the right destination.  Kuttalam or Courtallam waterfalls in Thirunelveli, Tamilnadu  invites you to the serenity of Mother Nature.
Kuttalam is a perfect getaway to relax.  Courtallam or Kuttralam or Kuttalam, is situated at Courtallam village very near to  Sengottai and Tenkasi towns.  Kuttalam has nine waterfalls. These falls attracts lakhs of travellers every year. The three major waterfalls in Kuttalam are Main Falls, Five Falls, and Old Courtallam Falls. The main fall named Peraruvi in Courtallam, is about 60m high. The other falls are Puli Aruvi (Tiger Falls) , Shenbagadevi falls, Thenaruvi (honey falls), Aintharuvi (five falls), Pazhathotta Aruvi, , Pazhaya Courtalla Aruvi (Old Courtallam falls) and  Chitraruvi (small falls).

Kuttralam is also famous for Thirukutraalanaadhar Kovil, situated very near to main falls. In the rainy season the falls attract thousands of people, but people are not allowed to take bath during floods. There are many spas and massaging centers in Kuttralam.

Thirukutraalanaadhar Kovil, Kumaran Kovil, Thirumalai Kovil, Kasivishuwanathar Kovil, Papanasam Ulagaambihai, Dhakshinamoorthy Kovil, Sivan Kovil and Ariyankavu Iyappan Kovil are the other important temples located nearby areas of Courtallam. June to September is the peak season here. Numerous rivers such as the Chittar River, the Manimuthar River, the Pachaiyar River and the Tambaraparani River originate here.

Courtallam is a part of  Agasthiyamalai or Agasthya hills of Western ghats.  Over 2000 species of plants with medicinal values are found  here.  The water here is believed to have great curative powers. Kuttralam has also  earned the title Spa of South India. Courtallam is situated about 115km from Thiruvananthapuram , the capital of Kerala, 40km from Tirunelveli and 640km from Chennai , the capital of Tamilnadu.

The main attractions in and around Kuttralam are
1.    Therkumalai Estate
2.    Boat Houses
3.    Snake Park
4.    Aquarium (near the Main Falls.)
5.    Children’s Park.
6.    Eco Park (near Five falls.)


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