Konark Dance Festival -Let’s celebrate with dance and music

Konark Dance Festival -Let’s celebrate with dance and music

Artists from different parts of India, dressed in vibrant variety dresses, annually assemble in Konark temple to present the traditional Indian dance forms. They exhibit the real essence of Indian classical dance through their magnifying show. The stunning performances of experts in Bharatnatyam, Odissi, Kuchipudi and so are a few among the dazzling moments.
The festival is rich with dance and music. The devotees of art immerse themselves in the soothing sound of ghungroo bells, flute and the pakhavaj. Special illuminations and decorations gift the temple an artistic grace. The festival floor has been graced by legendary figures from the world of Indian classical dance like Kelucharan Mahapatra, late Sanjukta Panigrahi, Sonal Mansingh, Padma Subramanium, Meenakshi Sheshadri, Swapna Sundari, Kum Kum Mohanty and Basanti Shreedar.
The festival receives a folk rhythm with the dance performances of folk troupes from Orissa, Goa, Gujarat, Bihar, Assam and Rajasthan. Their traditional steps, instruments and beats transform audience to the conventional Indian culture.
The true soul of Indian classical dance is expressed in the amphitheatre of Konark temple situated in Orissa, a state with many ancient Hindu temples. Historically acclaimed Konark temple, a world heritage site is dedicated to the Sun God. It is believed to be his chariot and is pulled by seven horses. It has 24 gigantic wheels. Two lions at the entrance standing as gate keepers welcome each visitor. Many art lovers from across the globe visit the temple to have a glance at the opulent traditional art forms exhibited on the temple walls.
Every year in the month of February, Orissa Tourism and the Odissi Research Centre jointly organize the Konark dance festival. Along with classical dances, a crafts Mela, showcasing the handicrafts and delicious cuisine from various states, adds colour and taste to the celebration of Indian classical dance.

Neethu Merin
indiain news service


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