Karkidakam month begins on 17th July, 2018

Karkidakam month begins on 17th July, 2018

Karkidakam and its traditions

Karkkidakam, the last month in the regional calendar of Kerala will begin on 17th May 2018. This month is also known as Ramayana Month. Reading Ramayana is one of the main ritual during this month. It is believed that reading Ramayana will remove all the bad effects of Karkkidakam month. The reason believed behind this is that the sage Valmiki completed the epic Ramayana during this month. The Bali Karma( Offering to the ancestors) performed during Amavasi of Karkkidaka is considered as auspicious.
During the season monsoon rainfall enters its final phase in Kerala. This month is the best time to for undergoing Ayurveda based body rejuvenation therapies. It is known as Shkha Chikitsa in regional language. Sukha Chikitsa includes the rejuvaneting treatments like Uzhichil, pizichil, vasthi, vamanam, virechanam etc. with the supervision of an expert Ayurveda doctor, Sukha Chikitsa will help to recharge and energize body and mind. Complete vegetarian diet is is recommended during this season by Ayurveda physicians. This traditional system of Ayurveda helps to live in perfect harmony with nature.

Having Oushadha Kanji (medicinal gruel) or Karkkidaka Kanji is an important part of Karkkidaka Month. Oushadha kanji prepares with various Ayurveda herbs along with Njavara rice. usually 12 to 24 types of medicinal herbs are used to prepare this auspicious dish. Consuming of karkkidaka Kanji helps to rejuvenate body and remove all toxins from the body. Now a days branded ready mix Karkkidaka Kanji is available in the market.
Preparing Pathila Curry ( Pathila means 10 leaves in regional language) is another thing in this season. Leaves are collecting from the courtyard and surroundings of homes.

Wearing Dashapushpam (10 ten sacred flowers and plants) is an important ritual of Karkkidakam month. Dasha Pushpam includes Mukkutti, cheroola, uzhinja, thiruthali, poovamkurunnila, karuka, vishnukranthi, nilappana, kayunnyam and muyal cheviyan . These are the plants with high medicinal value.


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