Hornbill Festival 2019- fascinating Naga days are here

Hornbill Festival 2019- fascinating Naga days are here

Hornbill Festival 2019
Hornbill Festival 2019

Hornbill Festival 2019 : Sun, December 1- Tue, December 10, 2019

Hornbill Festival is an event of national importance, organised by the Government of Nagaland to promote cultural heritage of the state. Hornbill Festival at Nagaland  happens from December 1st to 10th in every year. This festival opens the vistas to  experience the rich culture of the state. Traditional Naga Morung exhibitions, flower shows, herbal medicine stalls, fashion shows, Naga wrestling, indigenous games and musical concerts are some of the attractions of this great festival.


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The name hornbill festival is derived from the bird- Hornbill. Hornbill is the most admired bird and is well known for its qualities like grandeur and alertness. The festival is considered as the festival of festivals in Nagaland and the aim of the festival is to protect, sustain and revive the rich culture of Nagaland and to exhibit extravaganza and tradition.

It is the gala of rich cultural heritage of  Nagaland. All the natives in the place will join together for a week-long celebration of their tradition and cultural plight. It is the time where all the tribes are gathered up to showcase their age-old tradition and is an opportunity to know each other closely and to build a lasting relationship. Kisama, the Naga heritage village which is about 10 kms away from the capital city of Nagaland Kohima is the place where all the main events of the festival take place. The place itself is scenic, mystical and the festival is epic.

The hornbill festival is celebrated by showcasing colorful display of traditional dances, sports, songs of various Naga tribes, cultural programs and folk songs are one of the main events of the first 3 days of the festival. The festival is the colorful and vibrant celebration of cultural richness. The warrior log drums, the colorful headgear, the soul war cry, the exquisite costumes are simply remarkable in their own way. Also the delicious local cuisine and delicacies that is typical to the Naga tribes will make it more delightful. The appetizing delicacies will simply makes it a joyous festival.

The hornbill festival of Nagaland has been evolved to this big cultural event for all the 8 North East states to celebrate the tradition and culture over the years. The festival is a delight as all the tribes came to explore and exhibit their rich culture and tradition under one roof. Hornbill festival stands as a symbol to show the cultural diversity of India especially the North East part.

Hornbill celebration is not only reliving the past but also the celebration of the present. Kohima, is the hosting place of the biggest rock festival of India which happens on every year. Apart from all these an adventure car rally, contests, events and interesting events like the Pork eating contest, King chill eating contest etc.

The night bazar of Kohima is another exciting feature of the festival. The main town will be alive for 7 nights with food, music and fun and the street will be crowded with variety of food stalls and of the simply amazing walk through hustle bustle. The festival is a certain paradise for food lovers. Hornbill festival is called the annual festival of Nagaland and is organized by the state tourism art and cultural departments.


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