Coir or Kayar Vazhipaadu (The Rope Offering) at Trikkur Mahadeva Temple

Coir or Kayar Vazhipaadu (The Rope Offering) at Trikkur Mahadeva Temple


Trikkur Mahadeva Temple is an ancient  rock-cut cave temple situated in Trikkur village in Thrissur District, Kerala, India. It is  believed to have been built in the 7th or 8th century. The temple and its premises are now owned by Paliyam Trust and the administration  is managed by Kshetra Samrakshana Samiti. The main deity of this temple is Lord Shiva (Mahadeva). The unique speciality is the  temple is located on the top of a hillock inside a 30 feet long and 12 feet broad natural cave. Since 1966, the temple is a protected monument under the Department of Archaeology, Government of Kerala.

Coir or Kayar Vazhipaadu (The Rope Offering)

The unique offering to Lord Mahadeva is Coir or Kayar Vazhipadu. It is said that Kayar Vazhipadu  has divine powers to cure asthma and related diseases, and people from different religions and castes come to this temple to offer Kayar Vazhipaadu to the Lord Mahadeva. According to Ayurveda,  this healing method is called “Daiva Vyaapaashraya Chikitsa”

Trikkur Mahadeva Temple
Trikkur Mahadeva Temple




Kerala, the paradise calling you…

Kerala, the paradise of earth in South India, also known as God’s own country, is a magical Destination. Every knook and corner offers a magical visual wonder to its visitors. Kerala is blessed with the beauty of Mother nature. Keralam means the land of coconut trees in the regional language. The most fascinating hill stations like Munnar , Waynad, Ponmudi, Kuttikanam and Devikulam, charming back waters , house boats, placid lakes, fresh water fishing, Chinese fishing nets, beaches, fisher folks, sea food , boat races, water falls, lakes, spice plantations, teak, tea and coffee estate, tropical forests, paddy fields, amazing village life, Ayurveda: an ancient system of healing closely related to mother nature, spectacular temple festivals like Thrissur pooram, Uthralikkavu pooram, Chinakkathur pooram, Nenmara Vallangi vela, Arattupuzha pooram, Ochira festival and Thipunithura Athachamayam , Vibrant dance and art forms like Kathakali (A classic dance form), Theyyam, Padayani, Mohiniyattam, Ottam thullal, Chakyar koothu, Nangyar koothu, Mayoora nritham and Poothanum thirayum, unique architecture, attire and jewellery, mouthwatering cuisine especially Kerala Sadhya: a traditional feast on a plantain leaf with unique kerala dishes like Olan, Kalan, ishtu, Sambhar, Eriseri, Koottukari, Aviyal, Pappadam, Inchikari, Pachadi, Naranga kari, Moru, Rasam and Payasam, Kappa and Karimeen porichathu, Toddy, Meen mulakittathu… the list goes on.

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